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What training does the state require for students 18 yrs+?

Much like teens, adults can begin classroom at any point. 

The permit is not needed to begin classroom training; it is needed to go on the road with anyone.  

Adult students are NOT required to:

1. Complete a Parent and Student class

2. Complete 40 hrs. of on the road training

(though the more training before testing is better)

3. Once licensed, there are no passenger and curfew restrictions on the new driver.  

Image by Omotayo Tajudeen

Adults must complete the following requirements before road testing: 

1. Complete the 8 hr. Safe Driving Practices classroom trainingWhile the class is often referred to as the Drug and Alcohol class, the material covered in the program is more than that.  The material does include the effect of drugs and alcohol on the person as it relates to driving, the laws and penalties related to driving under the influence, road users, driving environments, vehicle emergencies, adverse weather, risk management, intersections and what to know about the road test.  

2. Road Training: Adults are NOT required to complete a specific number of hours of road training before road testing.  BUT, that road training is critical to learn how to handle the vehicle and the many complex driving situations that might be encountered once you can drive independently.  Driving may be appear to be easy when observing someone else driving.  Once in the driver seat, you will find that driving is not only a physical task but a mental task as well.  Do not minimize this learning time! 

By law, adults can practice driving with anyone who has held a license for at least four (4) years and has had no license suspensions in the most recent four (4) years.  

3. Hold the permit for 90 days: The state of CT does require adults to hold the permit for at least 90 days prior to road testing.  This means that you cannot take the road test until the 90 days after the permit.  That 90 day window can include the time the permit was held as a teen, if the permit was obtained prior to turning 18 years of age. 

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