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If this is your first child going through this process, you should understand your options before making a decision as to the training.

There are two ways for teens to train:  

Two items must be completed by all teens (regardless of training) before road testing:

1. All teens must complete 40 hrs. of on the road training before road testing.

That training can be done by just the parents OR in can be in combination with instructor road time.

2. All teen new drivers MUST complete a 2 hr. Parent and Student class.  This class can be taken at any point during training.  One parent and the student must attend.  

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8 hr class program

This class program is the minimum required by the state for all students (regardless of age) to train for the license.  The material included is state mandated and is not a consolidation of the bigger class program. 

Teens completing this program must wait 180 days from date of the permit to road test.  


30 hr. class program

This program consists of 15-2 hr. classes.  Each class is its own module or topic.   In addition to the material covered in the 8 hr. class, this program provides a broader, more comprehensive overview of of driving topics to better educate the new driver.  

When teens complete this class program AND complete 8 hrs. of instructor road training, the teens can take the road test 120 days after the permit


Teen License Restrictions

Once your teen has completed their training and successfully passed their road test, there will be restrictions on their license.  Please see the Teen Licensing Restriction page which can be access via a dropdown box when the link to this page at top is pressed.   It is important for you and your teen to understand how these restrictions may effect your expectations of your teen driver.

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